Olathe Northwest e-Communication Academy Donation Drive-Fall 2023

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Campaign Goal:


Top Participants

  1. Inara J. (11th Grade) - $1,280
  2. bryson d. (10th Grade) - $1,200
  3. Jacob M. (9th Grade) - $740
  4. Reese M. (11th Grade) - $711
  5. Megan K. (11th Grade) - $700
  6. Sarah H. (11th Grade) - $700
  7. Jack R. (11th Grade) - $660
  8. Ava G. (9th Grade) - $580
  9. e-Communication A. (Teachers) - $570
  10. Skyler H. (12th Grade) - $550

Top Groups

  1. 11th Grade - $13,332
  2. 9th Grade - $8,445
  3. 12th Grade - $6,500
  4. 10th Grade - $5,880
  5. Teachers - $1,300
  6. Admin - $10

Step 1: Find your Student by typing their name in the SEARCH BOX ABOVE! 


**Only Register Your Student Once**

Step 2:  Make a Donation

Step 3: Share your student's donation page with family & friends via email, text, facebook or QR Code! 

We are raising money that will go directly to your student’s benefit. There is no door-to-door selling or delivering of products.

Family and friends from around the globe can support Olathe Northwest e-Communication Academy by making a donation in support of your student. Sponsors can pay for their donations online with debit/credit card or other electronic payments!

Money raised in this drive will be used to support our Academy Students by helping to offset the cost of Upgrading Equipment, Field Trips, Classroom Improvements, Student Scholarships, recruitment efforts, Industry Certifications and many other student learning opportunities.

We couldn’t reach our goal without you! Your generous support is appreciated!

Thank you from everyone at Olathe Northwest e-Communication Academy!